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Immigration Proactively Offers a Collective Passport Service


Jakarta – Directorate General of Immigration provides a collective passport program for people who want to make a new or replacement passport.

“Do you want to make a passport collectively? You can do it right now. Invite your coworkers, friends of the organization, and others (at least 50 people) to to make a passport together, immediately contact the nearest immigration office, via telephone, email or social media, we will come to your place later,” wrote the official Instagram account of the Directorate General of Immigration, in Jakarta, Saturday.

The service for the collective passport is called Eazy Passport, the service is provided for offices or agencies, government, military, police, BUMN, BUMD, and private sectors.

Then the service is also provided to educational institutions, namely pesantren schools or boarding schools. Communities or apartment complexes can also enjoy the service.

Collective passport services are ensured to meet the COVID-19 health protocols by providing personal protective equipment for officers and maintaining physical distance.

The Eazy Passport service serves a minimum of 50 requests per day, the arrangement of the collective passport is only for new passport and replacement which is not caused by loss or damage.

The service schedule is determined by the immigration office where the applicant is being served. Services on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00 WIB or outside working days.

The passport settlement process is four working days after the applicant pays the non-tax state revenue (PNBP) according to the chosen passport type.

Applicants for Eazy Passport services can be provided with an accelerated passport service that is completed on the same day as the PNBP payment terms made before 13.00 WIB local time.

Passports can be taken directly by the applicant, taken by representatives of agencies, offices or communities by attaching an order letter from the applicant. Passports can also be sent through the services of PT. Pos Indonesia. (Ant)

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