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President Jokowi: Online Lectures Have Become The Next Normal


Jakarta – Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that online lectures have become the new normal or even the next normal (next normal).

“Online lectures have become new normal, even next normal. I am sure there will be new norms that are more innovative and more productive,” President Joko Widodo said at the RI Presidential Palace, Bogor, Saturday.

President Jokowi conveyed this in the inauguration of the opening of the Virtual Indonesia Chancellors’ Conference in 2020.

According to the President, online lectures which have been very slow to practice, are now highly developed.

The COVID-19 pandemic, he continued, has provided valuable lessons for Indonesia, especially universities.

“The crisis has forced us to develop new ways, build new norms, and establish new standards of goodness and merit,” the President said.

The strategic position of universities, according to President Jokowi, in crisis conditions is to develop science and technology to produce productive and competitive young generation who are always fighting for humanity and the advancement of Indonesia.

“I need to emphasize that this noble task cannot be done in a mediocre way, our opportunities are very narrow. It cannot be done only by routine, it cannot be done in a mediocre way,” said the President.

Jokowi continued, “Of course we cannot just be preoccupied with administration. We must change, we must develop new ways, and develop new strategies that are out of the box.”

In addition to looking for new ways, the President asked for universities to pay great attention to the physical health and mental health of students.

Building the character of students whose hearts and minds are red and white for Indonesia, which has noble character, tough-minded, and holds Pancasila firmly,” said the President.

The atmosphere of the campus must strengthen nationalism and respect diversity in brotherhood and unity.

“High integrity and anti-corruption and tolerance and respect for democracy. Parents are responsible for their children future and at the same time the future of Indonesia,” the President emphasized. (Ant)

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