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Second Lieutenant Rama Wahyudi Died Leaving His Wife and Three Small Children


Pekanbaru – Second Lieutenant Rama Wahyudi who died in Congo was buried in Kusuma Dharma Heroes Cemetery, Pekanbaru City, Riau, Friday afternoon, marked by salvo fire.

The shot also meant to be the last sign of Anita and her three young children to their beloved husband and father, Second Lieutenant Assistant Rama Wahyudi.

Nita’s tears became more unbearable when a number of TNI soldiers slowly put Rama’s body into the grave. Their three children were just stunned as if their feet were planted on the ground, watching the coffin begin to be covered in dirt.

Rama Wahyudi died while carrying out his MONUSCO security mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He left a wife and three small children in his village in Kampar District, Riau.

The return of Rama Wahyudi from Congo to his hometown at Kilometer 6 on Garuda Sakti Street, Tapung Hulu District, Kampar, Riau, went quite tough.

The Denpal Pekanbaru soldier under the Military Resort Command Unit 031 / Wirabima died on June 22, 2020, but he was only able to arrive last night in Indonesia to be flown to Pekanbaru on Friday (3/7).

After being greeted militarily at the Roesmin Nurjadin Air Base, the body of Rama Wahyudi was brought to the funeral home. Sobs broke out as soon as the bodies arrived, especially Nita, who repeatedly hugged Rama Wahyudi’s coffin.

At around 14.30 WIB, Rama Wahyudi was taken to TMP Kusuma Dharma Pekanbaru. The military funeral was led directly by the Bukit Barisan Military District Commander, Maj. Gen. Irwansyah.

The funeral procession began with salvo fire. The body was put into the grave accompanied by sobs of family and relatives tears.

Anita tried to be strong and strengthen herself while sprinkling flowers for her beloved husband. Riau Governor Syamsuar, Danrem 031 / Wirabima, Brigadier General M Syech Ismed, Danlanud Roesmin Nurjadin First Marshal Irianto Moningka and Riau Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Setya Imam Effendi also did the same thing.

Anita, the wife of the deceased accompanied by three of her children was resolute to release her husband. Even so, tears still flowed down her cheeks which were partially covered by masks.

“We have delivered the deceased to the last place. We pray for the deceased to be received at His side. Let’s release his departure with patience, fortitude and strong faith,” said Pangdam I BB, Major General Irwansyah, in his remarks.

To the family of Pelda Anumerta Rama, the Military Commander conveyed his condolences and highest appreciation for the services of the deceased in maintaining world peace.

The representative of the family of Pelda Anumerta Rama could not help feeling sad over the departing of the deceased. But also claimed to be proud of the departure of the deceased who died on a world peace mission.

Rama Wahyudi who previously held the rank of Sergeant Major was an army soldier from Kampar Regency. Rama died after an attack by armed groups while carrying out his mission as a UN peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa on June 22, 2020.

The Last Video Call

Before he died as a result of a militia attack on Monday night (6/22) in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Serma Rama had a conversation with his wife and three children through a video call.

“The last contact my sister had with the deceased was Sunday at 9 pm. They made a video call. Then the deceased said later he would call back because he had to take water because of the current water crisis in the Congo,” the deceased brother-in-law Arfan Nur Fahri said in Kampar on Wednesday.

However, the video call turned out to be the last victim’s communication.

Arfan said Serma Rama was the second of four children. Becoming a TNI soldier was his big goal which he successfully realized. Rama began his assignment in Congo a few months before Eid. That was his first assignment abroad.

In addition to contacting his wife, Arfan also said that Serma Rama had contacted him. “He said that in August he would be able to take a month off and would go home. But God wants something else,” he said.

Furthermore, Arfan said that his family received news of the death of Serma Rama directly from the Denpal Pekanbaru Commander. At that time, on Tuesday morning (6/22), his family was immediately approached by the Denpal Commander and told the sad news.

International Benefits

Rama Wahyudi will most likely also receive compensation from the United Nations valued at 75 thousand US dollars because he died while serving at the international institution.

Commander of the Indonesian Peacekeeping Mission (PMPP) Maj. Gen. Victor Hasudungan Simatupang said that during a press conference, at the TNI Headquarters in Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Friday.

However, currently the investigation process is still being carried out by the United Nations (UN), to find out the party responsible for this incident.

“If it is not his fault (Serma Rama), then the deceased will get (compensation) USD 75 thousand as has been received by colleagues from several countries,” said Victor.

The investigation process is still ongoing. The results will then be raised to the “board of inquiry” stage and it will be decided who is the guilty party in the incident.

Meanwhile, Kapuspen TNI, Maj. Gen. Sisriadi, said that the state would also provide compensation to the heirs as stipulated in Government Regulation (PP) No. 39 of 2010 concerning the Administration of TNI Soldiers.

Article 74 letter b states that heirs will receive 12 months salary from soldiers who died while carrying out their duties. (Ant)

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