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Syarief Hasan: The Increase of BPJS Rates Would Burden the People’s Lives


Jakarta – Deputy Chairman of MPR Syarief Hasan regretted the government’s decision to raise BPJS Health contributions again during a crisis situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Syarief Hasan said that the increase would burden the people’s lives.

He said the BPJS Health contributions which rose again on July 1, 2020 implied that the government was not yet ready in addressing the BPJS problem.

Because, according to him the problem of the BPJS Health deficit is not just about fees, but also about governance. Health centers and clinics as first level health facilities are unable to reduce the level of referral to the next level of health facilities, so 85 percent of funding goes to the hospital.

“This is what causes BPJS financing to swell, causing a deficit, raising fees does not answer the main problem experienced by BPJS Health, namely poor governance,” he said.

This increase will instead cause new problems amid a precarious situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only that, the step to raise BPJS Health again implies the government’s lack of commitment in respecting the law in Indonesia.

That’s because, the Supreme Court had canceled the increase in BPJS Health contributions after the Komunitas Pasien Cuci Darah Indonesia (KPCDI) sued Perpres Number 75 Year 2019 regarding the increase in BPJS Health contributions. So based on the Supreme Court’s decision, the fees are back to normal.

However, the Government through Perpres Number 64 of 2020 has again raised the fee. The rate of increase was not much different from the increase canceled by the Supreme Court.

Therefore, the steps taken do not seem to respect the decision of the highest judicial power agency in Indonesia which is final and binding.

“The government should set an example by respecting the Supreme Court’s ruling and paying attention to the aspirations and hopes of the Indonesian people,” he said.

Syarief hasan reminded the government related to Article 28 H paragraph 1 of UUD 1945 which states that everyone has the right to live in physical and spiritual prosperity, to live, and to have a good and healthy environment and to have health services.

“At present, many people are losing their jobs and having a hard time. The state is obliged to protect the health of all Indonesian people, instead of burdening the people by increasing fees, “said Syarief Hasan.

He urged the Government to revoke Perpres Number 64 of 2020. The government must make policies that are pro-people of Indonesia, not counter-productive policies.

“Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not yet clear when it would end. Carry out the mandate of the Pancasila by realizing social justice for all Indonesian people,” said the Democrat’s High Council member. (Ant)

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