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Bamsoet Collaborates with YouTuber in Socializing The Four Pillars

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Jakarta – Indonesian MPR Chair Bambang Soesatyo or Bamsoet used a new way of socializing the Four MPR’s Pillars, namely by collaborating with celebrities and YouTubers through the Bamsoet YouTube channel.

Bamsoet on Tuesday vlogged with Jessica Iskandar in his office after previously collaborating with Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina.

“Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina through YouTube channel Rans Entertainment have 16.5 million subscribers with 42.4 million Instragram follower. Meanwhile Jessica Iskandar has 1.8 million subscribers with 23.2 million follower,” Bamsoet said in a statement in Jakarta on Tuesday.

He said the purpose of collaboration with celebrities and YouTubers in socializing the Four Pillars was to reach young people and the community who were active in social media through YouTube.

He said that collaboration with artists and YouTubers will not only stop at Raffi Ahmad, Nagita Slavina, or Jessica Iskandar. There are already several “lists” of other names that will be invited so that they can provide the world of social media with useful content like the Four Pillars of the MPR RI.

According to him, the Socialization of the Four Pillars of the MPR RI using the “platform” of social media will complement the conventional methods that have been carried out in the form of seminars, public discussions, and competitions. (Ant)

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