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Letda Ayu, a Female Army Helicopter Pilot from West Kalimantan


Pontianak – Private Second Lieutenant (Letda) Cpn (K) Ayu S (Han) is a woman from West Kalimantan who managed to become one of the female pilots in the Indonesian Army.

“Thank God, by following the whole series of education, I am now able to fly a helicopter,” Letda Ayu thanking God for what she had achieved in her written statement to Antara in Pontianak on Thursday.

Letda Ayu was born in Pontianak, currently working in the 11th Squadron/Serbu Penerbad, in Semarang, Central Java Province.

This first officer graduated from the Military Academy in 2018 also managed to prove that with tenacity and enthusiasm she could achieve her goal of becoming a soldier. She currently occupies a position as a Pilot Officer II Siud I Flite A Heli Attack 1 Squadron-11/Serbu Penerbad.

The woman who was born on July 15, 1995 in Pontianak, is the second child of the couple Rudi Hartono and Linda who are residents of the Sungai Tempayan Mega Timur, Sungai Ambawang District, Kubu Raya Regency.

In her educational history, this Malay-blooded woman had studied at SDN 19 Mega Timur Sungai Ambawang. Then proceed to SMP Negeri 1 Sungai Raya and SMAN 1 Sungai Raya, Kubu Raya.

To be in her position like now, Letda Cpn (K) Ayu said it was not easy. Moreover, being a helicopter pilot figure is usually done by men. To achieve that, Ayu had to take the Aviation Officer Basic Education, then proceed to Aviation Education II at the Pusdik Penerbad and then Suspabang II Bell-412.

Ayu admitted, because of her ability, she won the trust of her superiors to carry out several assignment operations. Such as BKO duties in West Kalimantan and Papua.

“With the trust of my superiors, I have been given the opportunity to be a co-pilot twice to carry out operational tasks in West Kalimantan, namely supporting the Military Commander and the RI-Malaysia Border Security Operation Dorlog, and the second is the operational task in the Papua region,” she said.

Ayu advised the younger generation, especially West Kalimantan’s young generation, to have a strong enthusiasm to achieve their goals.

“Don’t ever be afraid of failure and don’t give up easily to achieve your goals and dreams. Keep praying and trying for what you aspire to,” she said. (Ant)

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