Nasihin Masha Replaced Teguh Santosa on The PWI Honorary Board

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Jakarta – Nasihin Masha, a senior journalist and former Editor in Chief of the Republika Newspaper, Wednesday, was appointed as a member of Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) Honorary Council replacing Teguh Santosa.

Teguh resigned after being elected as Chairperson of the Siber Indonesia Media Network (JMSI).

“Teguh’s resignation was accepted then we decided that his successor would be Nasihin Masha,” Ilham Bintang Chairman of the Honorary Council (DK), who chaired the meeting via “online”, said in a written statement on Wednesday.

The meeting was attended by PWI General Chairperson Atal S Depari and PWI Honorary Board (DK) Secretary Sasongko Tedjo, and Asro Kamal Rokan, Teguh Santosa, Tri Agung Kristanto, and Rossiana Silalahi as members.

During the meeting, Ilham Bintang reported the results of the previous PWI DK discussion that expressed deep concern over the rampant violation of the code of ethics committed by journalists in writing news.

“In fact, including from the major ‘mainstream’ media,” he said.

He said DK PWI would immediately hold code of ethics and code of conduct reporters through webinars.

“This includes the duties of new member Nasihin Masha,” Ilham said.

The new PWI DK member Nasihin Masha immediately joined the “zoom meeting” and expressed his willingness.

“This is a great honor for me,” said Nasihin.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of PWI Atal S Depari places great hopes on the PWI Board of Directors who will play an important role in building a healthy national press ecosystem both corporately and in upholding a journalistic code of ethics. (Ant)

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