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Sultan HB X: Schools Should Be Opened Based on Careful Consideration

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Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta Special Region Governor Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X said the reopening of schools during the pandemic must be based on careful consideration so as not to bring up cases of COVID-19 transmission in schools.

“We must really do this considerations honestly. Don’t feel that you have the authority to do it, but the victims have fallen. I don’t want to,” Sultan said when met at the Kepatihan Complex, Yogyakarta, Thursday.

With the current condition of DIY still in emergency response status, Sultan said that he had not yet dared to decide to reopen the school.

“I have not dared to. Maybe we need to examine it first, because children are at high risk,” he said.

Before deciding to open a school, the Sultan wanted to ensure that the opening of hotels, restaurants and tourism that would be carried out in the near future did not lead to a second wave of COVID-19 transmission.

“We’ll see whether (opening of tourism) is dangerous or not, whether it triggers a second COVID-19 or not,” he said.

This uncertainty, according to the Sultan, makes us even more worried to let children return to their activities at school in the near future. (Ant)

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