MPR Promotes Four Pillars with Cultural Arts Performances

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Jakarta – MPR held a socialization of the Four Pillars of the MPR using the cultural arts performance method by implementing strict health protocols. The event was held in the Hall of the Bogor Islamic Development Center, on Jalan Padjadjaran, Bogor, Sunday afternoon (5/7).

Secretary of the PKB Faction in the MPR, Neng Eem Marhamah Zulfa said that the event emphasized the importance of regional cultural arts and local cuisine in strengthening the identity of the Indonesian people and NKRI.

“As one of the buffer cities of the capital city of Jakarta, known as a metropolitan city, the buffer cities will automatically also become metropolises, and as a result culture becomes even more heterogeneous,” he said, in his statement on Monday.

He considered, if the local culture and local food is not maintained it will become extinct. Therefore, the community, especially himself as a member of the MPR, must care for and protect the culture and local cuisine so that it does not become extinct.

According to him, one form of activity to care for local culture and food is through cultural arts performances and local cuisine from Bogor.

“The purpose of this activity is that we continue to love the local cultural arts and local cuisine, especially for Bogor, the Sundanese cultural arts and Bogor local cuisine,” he said.

He said that loving Sundanese culture, loving Sundanese food, is one form of efforts to maintain an identity as an Indonesian citizen.

General of the MPR, Siti Fauziah, in her report as the organizer of the Four Pillars of the MPR explained that the MPR has a commitment to continue to promote and participate in preserving regional cultural arts in Indonesia. “The determination was demonstrated by the MPR by including cultural arts performances as a method of socializing the Four Pillars,” she said.

In this Cultural Arts Performance in Bogor, the MPR collaborated with the Iket Tatar Pakuan Community (Kitapak), a Sundanese arts community in Bogor City. The art displayed is karinding and celempung which is a type of Sundanese art. (Ant)

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