Ma’ruf Amin: The Government had Prepared Rp22 trillion for Digitalization

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Jakarta – Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said the government had prepared a budget of more than Rp22 trillion for the development of digital technology in government services, ranging from bureaucratic reform, delivery of social and education programs.

Development of digital technology, Ma’ruf continued, has become one of the government’s development priorities to support the improvement of public services, especially education.

“The government is always trying to improve education by using the latest technology,” he said.

In addition, by mastering and utilizing technology in the world of education, we can have good human resources and be able to face global challenges.

The Vice President said that the digital-based education system can also minimize gaps and create equal rights to get access to education for the community.

“With digital it might also be able to eliminate the gap. I think this is an extraordinary effort and as a breakthrough and its impact will encourage other higher education as well,” he said. (Ant)

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