President Joko Widodo Buys Sacrificial Cow from Bantul

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Bantul – President Joko Widodo bought a cow weighing about one ton from a farmer in Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, as a sacrificial animal for Eid al-Adha 1441 Hijri.

“Yesterday the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services of the Ministry of Agriculture looked for cows for Mr. Jokowi, in Bantul there were three (cattle breeders) selected,” said the Head of Livestock and Animal Health Services of the Bantul Agriculture, Food, Maritime and Fisheries Joko Waluyo in Bantul on Tuesday.

According to him, the three selected cows are located in Argomulyo Village, Sedayu District, Pajangan District, and Wonokromo Village, Pleret District.

The lucky farmer in Sedayu who was chosen to sell cows to the President was Rika in Karangasem, Argomulyo Village. The type of beef purchased is simmental weighing about one ton.

Joko said, before being elected by the Yogyakarta Veterinary Wates Center, there were five cattle raised in the DIY region, in addition to the three from Bantul, two cows from Sleman Regency.

He said the Agriculture Service would routinely monitor livestock sites including those in Sedayu to ensure the condition of sacrificial cows would meet the requirements of Eid later. (Ant)

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Pre-Order Buku Hita Batak A Cultural Strategy


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Pre-Order Buku Hita Batak A Cultural Strategy

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