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Ma’ruf Amin: Four Keys in Handling COVID-19


Jakarta – Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said the Government continued to accelerate steps to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on society and development.

“Seconds by seconds, the Government continues to accelerate to overcome it. Small steps start from building awareness and individual discipline to counteract it,” Vice President Ma’ruf said in an upload on his social media account, Friday.

In addition to health problems, most governments in the world today also face social and economic crises as a result of the pandemic.

Therefore, the Vice President asked all parties to work together so that the COVID-19 pandemic could end soon.

“The government focuses on two things, namely breaking the pandemic chain and restoring the socio-economic impact towards a new normal order,” he explained.

In preparation for the new order of normal life, Ma’ruf said that the key to success lies in the attitude of reminding each other among the community of the importance of obeying health protocols.

“The key is, we together must remind each other for kindness and patience. Watawa shoubil haqqi watawa shoubil shobr,” said the non-active Chairperson of the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI).

Therefore, Ma’ruf also invited the ulama to participate in socializing the importance of applying the four keys to handling COVID-19: faith, immunity, security, and amen.

First, it begins with the belief and faith in God and the sincerity of accepting the COVID-19 pandemic trial.

⁣ “All must be sincere and patient in accepting this test. Do not panic and despair. God will not test his people beyond his limits,” he stressed.

Secondly, the Vice President continued, every person is obliged to maintain physical fitness so that the body’s immunity is good so it is not easily infested with disease.

⁣ “Immune is manifested by diligently exercising, sunbathing, and taking vitamins so that the body’s immunity is maintained,” he explained.

Third is to create a sense of security, both in each other and in the community.

According to Ma’ruf, that sense of security will be created by following the Government’s recommendations to keep distance, not crowding, diligently washing hands with soap, and wearing masks.

Finally, Ma’ruf views the importance of surrender and praying with full confidence to be saved from a pandemic.

⁣ “After endeavor, trust in Allah must continue to be raised so that COVID-19 is immediately resolved and we can all move back to a new normal order,” said Vice President Ma’ruf. (Ant)

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