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Mahfud MD Encouraged The Political Recruitment System to be Improved


Yogyakarta – The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD pushed for an improved political recruitment system to break the chain of collusion and corruption in the country.

“Political recruitment during the Reformation period was only good for three to four years, but entering the fifth year and beyond has been very transactional,” Mahfud said in a webinar discussion titled “Kembali Pancasila Jati Diri Bangsa” which was held in Yogyakarta on Friday.

According to Mahfud, corruption is a behavior that is contrary to national identity and the ideology of Pancasila.

The behavior of collusion and corruption, according to him, has been symptomatic since the reformation period until now.

“Many people, if they are already in the government, do political corruption, where democracy becomes an instrument of corruption. Corruption is discussed democratically so that it is considered something natural,” Mahfud said.

According to him, politics and law have close links because law is a political product. If the political recruitment is good then the law will also be good.

“If the political recruitment is transactional, the law will be enforced in a collusive manner,” he said.

He hopes that corruption should not be considered a culture. The two cannot be reconciled because corruption is a crime, while culture is the result of human creativity, taste and initiative and is usually something positive.

“Moreover, we have always claimed that Indonesian culture is a valuable culture,” he said. (Ant)

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