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Indonesian Ambassador Sofia Received a Star from the President of Bulgaria


London – The Indonesian Ambassador in Sofia, Sri Astari Rasjid, received the Madara Horseman 1st Degree star from the President of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev given for his skill and significant contribution Ambassador Sri Astari Rasjid in establishing, strengthening and fostering bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Indonesia.

The award was given through a special award procession held at the Presidential Office of the Republic of Bulgaria with the application of strict health protocols, Indonesian Embassy in Sopia, Aisha Fauzia told Antara London, Friday.

In the award ceremony of the honorary star, President Rumen Radev expressed his high appreciation to Ambassador Sri Astari Rasjid for his plenary commitment in fostering bilateral relations so as to open a new perspective for Bulgaria.

President Rumen Radev also appreciated the active role of Ambassador Sri Astari Rasjid in encouraging closer interaction between the Government of Bulgaria and the diplomatic community in Bulgaria.

“I would like to give this honorary star as a form of recognition to you in bringing relations between Indonesia and Bulgaria to a higher level. This does not only mean for the two countries, but also for the nation and society, “Rumen President Radev told Ambassador Sri Astari Rasjid.

On this occasion, Ambassador Sri Astari Rasjid expressed his deep appreciation for the assistance and support given by all government authorities in Bulgaria in carrying out various missions of the Indonesian Embassy in Sofia for the promotion of bilateral cooperation.

“Thank you for the support of the President in various cultural diplomacy missions, including the implementation of the Asian Festival initiated by the Indonesian Embassy in Sofia, which has successfully introduced Asian culture to Bulgarian audiences,” Ambassador Sri Astari said.

On that occasion Ambassador Sri Astari Rasjid presented his work in the form of a book titled “The Art of Diplomacy” and portrait paintings of President Rumen Radev, which was the work of Ambassador Astari at work from home during the global pandemic Covid-19.

This meeting also served as a farewell meeting between Ambassador Sri Astari Rasjid and President Rumen Radev. After four years of service (2016-2020), the term of office of Ambassador Sri Astari Rasjid will end at the end of June 2020.

During his term of office, there were several achievements in the bilateral cooperation between RI and Bulgaria, including the visiting of high-ranking officials such as the official visit of the Indonesian Foreign Minister to Bulgaria in September 2019, the visit of the Bulgarian Foreign Minister to Indonesia in 2016, and the signing of the MoU in the field of Culture conducted in 2016 by the Minister of Culture of Indonesia and the Minister of Culture of Bulgaria at that time.

The progress of economic cooperation can also be seen from the positive trend of bilateral trade performance in the 2015-2019 period. Especially in the first quarter of the 2020 pandemic, the value of trade volumes has increased by more than 200%.

President Rumen Radev assessed the similarities between Indonesia and Bulgaria in terms of value, rich cultural and natural heritage, although geographically separated. This could be the potential to develop closer cooperation in the tourism sector.

With an Air Force military background with 14 thousand flight hours, President Rumen Radev has served as Commander of the Bulgarian Air Force. In November 2016, he was elected president through direct elections with the acquisition of 60 percent of the vote. (Ant)

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