Democrats Rejected the HIP Bill Because it Caused Polemic in Society

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Padang – The DPW chief of West Sumatra Democratic Party Mulyadi has asserted that the Democratic Party has vehemently rejected the Constitutional Idea (HIP) Directive (HIP) as it would cause a public debate.

“The Democratic Party is the only party that rejected the HIP bill from the beginning. Simplicity of Pancasila became Trisila and Ekasila, and incorporating culturally divinely grounded historical grounds will have an impact on religious social life,” he said.

Members of Commission III of the House of Representatives say Pancasila has been a deeply rooted value in social life and even in Minangkabau custom, of course Pancasila’s values ​​have been applied in everyday life.

“The values ​​of Pancasila are very straightforward to give us space and to hold fast, to practice the high customs of Minang. Our customary life is based on the Basandi Customs of the Basandi of the Bible Book, “he said.

According to him, the simplification of Pancasila will also influence the future survival of the younger generation and do not want the future generation of successors away from Minang’s customs that are steeped in religious values.

“We are concerned about bringing up the younger generation who are ignoring the values ​​of religion and this will be a concern for the future of Indonesia and this is what we are looking for,” he said.

He further said that the HIP bill was endorsed with the potential to form the foundation of the group that opposed the Pancasila.

Of course, if this were to happen it would create anxiety among the Indonesian community.

“Not until the HIP bill comes into law will it become a new reason for banned groups to rise again. The HIP bill raises major concerns especially among Muslims, as it has the potential to create its own path and means to step back with the spirit of Pancasila,” he said. (Ant)

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