West Kalimantan PDI Perjuangan Asks Cadres Not to Overreact

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Pontianak – Secretary of DPD PDI Perjuangan West Kalimantan Karolin Margret Natasa called on all cadres and sympathizers of the West Kalimantan PDI Struggle not to overreact to the burning of the PDI Perjuangan flag during a demonstration against the Pancasila Ideology Bill (HIP) in front of the Parliament building RI some time ago.

“We, from the PDI-P management of West Kalimantan, are clearly very sorry about this. However, we appeal to all cadres of West Kalimantan PDI-Struggle not to overreact to these actions and do not be easily provoked by such dishonorable actions,” Karolin said after leading the Apple Alert in the Office yard. DPD PDI Perjuangan Kalbar, Jalan Arteri Supadio Sungai Raya, Kubu Raya Regency, Friday.

He said, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle sees that the commotion caused during yesterday’s incident was beyond the ideals of Pancasila. If there are differences of opinion, PDI Perjuangan is very open to dialogue. Please submit it to the people’s representatives in the DPR, which parts are not approved.

The Landak Regent also admitted he was furious because his party was accused of being the culprit for the polemic of the HIP Bill. In fact, he said, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle was not the only party that agreed with the draft.

“In the minutes of the meeting, it is clear that not the PDI-P is not the only one who approved the bill. There are other factions who agreed,” he said.

Strictly speaking, Karolin also denied that his party shared the same ideas as the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). Karolin stressed that the accusations were baseless because the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle was a party that clearly adhered to the ideology of Pancasila.

“That is an unfounded statement because in the Statutes / By-Laws, in the movement of the parties, we uphold Pancasila and have clear ideological teachings. We are God in accordance with the state and existing laws. Every event is always led by prayer, each of our cadres, please “checking the KTP must have a religion, so don’t just accuse us of being PKI,” he said.

In the same place, PDI Perjuangan Treasurer DPD West Kalimantan Sujiwo said, the standby apple they held was in response to the burning of the PDI Perjuangan flag during a demonstration in front of the DPR-RI building some time ago. Sujiwo admitted that he deeply regretted the incident, because according to him it was tantamount to demeaning the party’s spirit.

“The standby apples we are holding today are a reaction to the situation and condition of the nation, especially those currently being experienced by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle. Where a few days ago there was a very dishonorable and damned event during a demonstration at the Parliament building. Tearing and burning the flag a party for us is tantamount to trampling on party pride, “said Sujiwo.

Sujiwo emphasized that all PDI-P cadres and sympathizers are people who love peace and uphold unity and integrity. For PDI Perjuangan, said Sujiwo, Pancasila was final as an ideology and the foundation of the country. Therefore, despite the outrage over the flag burning, all cadres of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan) certainly will not overreact, especially on actions that lead to anarchistic actions.

“With the flag burning incident, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle surrendered fully to the authorities. Please presumably to the authorities, in the shortest possible time so that the perpetrators are arrested and processed by the law so that the condition of the nation is safe and secure. Basically, all may express their opinions anywhere because of that “However, when a demonstration or aspiration is despicable, there is no room for them,” he said. (Ant)

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