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ICIS: Pancasila in Accordance with Islam


Jakarta – Deputy Executive Director of the International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) KH Khariri Makmun Lc, MA said that in fact the Pancasila state reflected religious values, specifically Islam, so there should not be a conflict between the two.

KH. Khariri Makmun Lc in a written statement received in Jakarta, Friday night, explained that in the first precept of the Pancasila, the Almighty God was a mirror of monotheism (the One God). Then the principle of fair and civilized humanity in Islam means al-insaniyah.

Then the precepts of Indonesian unity which in the Qur’an are called wa’tasimu bihablillahi jami’an wala tafarraqu, which means we are united, do not be scattered.

Then the fourth precepts are representative consultations or as-shura which in the Qur’an means Deliberation. And the precepts of social justice are al-is which means justice.

With the explanation reflected in the Qur’an, Khariri said that the formulations of the Pancasila were already in harmony with maqashidu ash-shyariah or religious goals.

“Of course, if people can understand that religion correctly, surely there will be no accusation between Pancasila and religion or the Qur’an itself,” said the Al-Azhar Cairo University Alumni.

In addition, according to the man who was a NU Syaisah Rais in Japan in 2004-2006, he also said that when a person can understand his religion well, then that person will automatically be able to accept the Pancasila correctly.

“What is happening now is that in understanding religious teachings, they have many problems in understanding them, so that when religion is juxtaposed in the context of statehood and politics there is a miss, something is missing from their understanding. This then gave rise to the seeds of intolerance, radicalism as is happening now, “he explained.

That is why according to Khariri, religion and Pancasila are always clashed. This is due to lack of religious understanding. For this reason it is necessary for religious leaders or moderate scholars to give a correct understanding.

The man who is also the caretaker of the Algebra International Boarding School Islamic Boarding School, Bogor also explained that the way to overcome this is to have to frequently invite them to dialogue. In addition, it is also necessary to have figures who can explain sequentially to these groups. (Ant)

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