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ICIS: We Need to be Aware of Online Classes of Radicalism

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Jakarta – Deputy Executive Director of the International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) KH Khariri Makmun Lc, MA said to be aware of the existence of online classes of radicalism that are growing in the current era of information and communication technology.

“To prevent the spread of radical terrorism, I think the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) needs to oversee the movement of radical groups in online media. Because now with an application such as zoom, they can just make online classes to spread their understanding and I think it needs to be watched out by BNPT too, “he said in a written statement received Friday night.

This is due to the rapid development of technology which makes it easier to communicate and disseminate information.

According to the Al-Azhar Cairo University Alumni that in the past they or radical groups learning via the internet were still on their own via Google so now they can use teachers through online classes.

“If at first they still read it themselves, in the doctrine through writing, well, if now it is doctrineed through teaching and that is long distance, that is certainly one step ahead. So we need to be aware of the emergence of a generation of radical groups that result from distance doctrination education through online classes, “he said.

Meanwhile, the man who earned a Master’s degree from Ulum Islamiyah University Wal Arabiyah Damascus, Syria, also said that the need for religious moderation to make room for other people of different religions or different understandings with us.

“With moderate thinking, we will give space to others to be different from us. If they are radical, he does not give room for others to be different from him. So anyone who is different from him is considered heretical, “he said

Therefore, the man who is also the Director of Rahmi (Rahmatan Lil Alamin) Center urges the government to continue to exert more efforts in preventing the spread of radical terrorism in the midst of technological progress.

In addition, according to the man who had been a NU Syaisah Rais in Japan in 2004-2006 that when someone can understand his religion well, then that person will automatically be able to receive the Pancasila correctly. This is because the values ​​of Pancasila are in line with Islamic teachings.

“What is happening now is that in understanding religious teachings, they have many problems in understanding them, so that when religion is juxtaposed in the context of statehood and politics there is a miss, something is missing from their understanding. This then gave rise to the seeds of intolerance, radicalism as is happening now, “he explained.

That is why according to Khariri, religion and Pancasila are always clashed. This is due to lack of religious understanding. For this reason it is necessary for religious leaders or moderate scholars to give a correct understanding. (Ant)

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