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DPRA Chairman Appreciated the Fishermen’s Efforts to Save the Rohingya Immigrants


Banda Aceh – Chairman of the Aceh House of Representatives (DPRA) Dahlan Jamaluddin appreciates the fishermen and the community in North Aceh District who rescued Rohingya immigrants, Myanmar.

“What they are doing is for humanity. They are saving Rohingya immigrants in the middle of the sea, the waters of the Malacca Strait,” Dahlan Jamaluddin said in Banda Aceh on Friday.

The Aceh Party politician said there were 94 Rohingya immigrants rescued in Samtalira Bayu, North Aceh, Thursday (6/25). Of the 94 immigrants, 15 of them were men, the rest were women and children.

Dahlan Jamaluddin asked the central government to help the problem of immigrants who are refugees from Rohingya Muslims. The assistance is more to humanity.

“They left their country because of the conflict. Our obligation is to help them. Therefore, we ask the Indonesian Government to help the Rohingya Muslims,” ​​Dahlan Jamaluddin said.

Dahlan Jamaluddin understands the issue of state interests and foreign policy relations carried out by the Government of Indonesia. But in the name of humanity, the Indonesian Government must also help.

Therefore, Dahlan Jamaluddin hopes the central government will coordinate and take a stand against dozens of Rohingya Muslims who are stranded in North Aceh.

“The most important thing right now is how they are helped first. After that there must be further action. Acehnese people have also felt a similar fate during the conflict,” said Dahlan Jamaluddin. (Ant)

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