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Hoaks, Megawati Asked Jokowi to Fire the TNI Members who Raided PKI-themed Books

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Jakarta – A Twitter account owner on Wednesday (24/6) uploaded a screenshot of an article entitled “Megawati Asks Jokowi to Fire a TNI Member Who Raids a Book that smelled of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), If Not …”.

In that upload, there was also another screenshot that resembled an article with the title “Confiscating Communist Smelling Books, Angry PDIP Politicians,” TNI Don’t Lebay! “”.

The upload was then concluded with the narration “SO KNOW WHERE IS THE PKI BEING?”. As of Thursday (6/25), the upload had been liked by 76 other users and reshared 55 times.

However, is it true that the Chairperson of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Megawati Sukarnoputri called on President Jokowi to dismiss TNI members who raided books that smelled of PKI?


Based on ANTARA’s search, the article “Megawati Asks Jokowi to Dismiss Army Members Who Raise PKI Smelling Books, If Not …” is hoax content circulating since January 2019 and published by

However, the blog site was no longer accessible in June 2020.

According to’s records on January 21, 2019, the article about Indonesia’s First President’s Daughter was originally a news item belonging to a national media with the original title “Jokowi Urged to Fire a TNI Member Who Raids PKI Smelling Books”.

However, the manager of the blogspot-based site has engineered by changing the name of the resource person, from what should have been a Lecturer in Political Science at the Airlangga University (Airlangga University), Airlangga Pribadi, to become the Chairperson of PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri.

ANTARA also traced the article “Confiscating Communist Smelling Books, Angry PDIP Politicians,” TNI Don’t Lebay! “In the news search engine.

It’s just that the search results that appear are not information as contained in the title. But the words “CHAT WHATSAPP WITH FPI LOVERS” that are published on a WordPress-based blog site.

Thus, the content circulating on Twitter actually contains hoax information and is the result of engineering.

Claim: Megawati asks Jokowi to fire members of the TNI who raid PKI-related books
Rating: Incorrect / Disinformation. (Ant)

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