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The Minister of Home Affairs Asked the Regional Government to Socialize the Application of the New Normal Order


Jakarta – The Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian asked the regional government (pemda) to socialize the application of the new normal order to the public.

“We need to implement the new normal, and once again the steps taken by the ranks of the provinces I actually see are quite understandable, the problem I see is how to socialize to the bottom line,” Tito Karnavian said in a release received in Jakarta on Friday.

The Minister of Home Affairs said that because scientists around the world are still looking for a special formula for the COVID-19 vaccine, while life must continue, the new normal application according to the health protocol needs to be done.

Because socialization is not easy, Tito suggested that the local government can imitate what has been done by the Provincial Government of Bali, which involves traditional leaders and local community leaders in an effort to implement health protocols in the new normal order.

“This we look in the mirror of the Bali case, why can it be more controlled, because the cultural system and social system of the people are more homogeneous and then obey the leaders and the traditional village system which is very strong, and there are pecalang-extraordinary pecalang,” he said .

For regions that are homogeneous, according to him, the socialization and application of the normal order can only be carried out by maximizing local wisdom, while for regions where heterogeneous communities aside from local wisdom must also maximize formal means.

“Heterogeneous regions inevitably use formal structures, from terraced to RT, RW, to socialize how to handle them,” he said.

In addition, local governments also need to involve the private sector, support from various elements will certainly make it easier for regions to adapt to the new normal order.

“The need to involve the private sector in addition to the active role of the government, is very necessary in the application of health protocols during the new normal implementation,” said Tito.

The Minister of Home Affairs also asked the regional government to examine the possibility of legal sanctions or social sanctions that could be imposed on violators of the application of the health protocol during the new normal order. (Ant)

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