The MPR-RI Distributed Basic Food to the Motorcycle Taxi Drivers Affected by COVID-19

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Jakarta – MPR RI through the MPR Care Program Against COVID-19 together with the National Solidarity Building Movement (GERAK BS) and 4 Pillar Volunteers is back in a social movement helping communities affected by COVID-19, one of which is social assistance to online ojol drivers (ojol) ) by distributing food packages.

MPR Chair Bambang Soesatyo symbolically handed over packages of nine-basic necessities, portable partitions and BPJS Employment insurance to online motorcycle taxi drivers in Nusantara III Building, Jakarta Parliament Complex, Saturday (6/27).

“We provide a portable partition or partition between the driver and the passenger. This is an effort to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 from the passenger to the driver,” Bamsoet said in a statement in Jakarta.

Portable partition assistance is an insulator between the driver and the passenger whose function is so that the Ojol driver is not exposed to droplets or water points containing viruses from coughing and sneezing from passengers.

Bamsoet said the MPR step was part of an adaptation of new habits or IMR that must be implemented in a measurable manner with a high level of discipline.

Bamsoet also submitted BPJS Employment participant cards to Ojol drivers, in the first stage, BPJS Employment participant cards were given to 200 drivers with a premium of Rp16,800 per month.

While life insurance dependents provided, among others, if died under normal circumstances or not working for Rp. 42 million, died while working get insurance coverage of Rp. 72 million plus a scholarship of Rp. 174 million for two children, school fees from elementary to college.

“Whereas if an accident occurs and is treated in a hospital then the costs of treatment and care are fully borne by BPJS Employment,” he said.

Bamsoet explained, for three months, the ojol driver paid a premium of Rp16,800 per month for free because he had borne it and was expected to make the ojol driver able to work in peace.

According to Bamsoet, Ojol drivers are potential participants of the BPJS Employment because there are around 4 million drivers from all over Indonesia from Aceh to Papua.

“This has the potential to accommodate an extraordinary workforce. We hope that ojol will only be an alternative for temporary workers to connect their families while waiting for new jobs,” he said.

The delivery of the assistance was also attended by MPR Deputy Chairman Ahmad Basarah and Lestari Moerdijat. (Ant)

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Pre-Order Buku Hita Batak A Cultural Strategy

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