PKS Founder Hilmi Aminuddin Died

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Jakarta – PKS spokesman Pipin Sopian confirmed that one of the founders and also PKS Syuro Council Chairman Hilmi Aminuddin died on Tuesday (30/6/2020).

“That’s right (Hilmi Aminuddin died),” Pipin said when contacted in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Pipin said Hilmi Aminuddin died at Santosa Central Hospital, Bandung, West Java on Tuesday at 14.24 WIB. “May Allah SWT accept his acts of worship and place him in the best place of His jannah,” he said.

Hilmi was buried in the family funeral complex, Lembang, West Java.

Hilmi Aminuddin tested positive for the corona virus (Covid-19) on Wednesday (1/7/2020). Spokesperson of the West Java COVID-19 Task Force Agus Ganjar Hidayat said that before Hilmi died he underwent a swab test. Therefore, the funeral of the deceased in Lembang was carried out with the application of a health protocol.

Hilmi founder of Partai Keadilan which in 2002 changed its name to Partai Keadilan Sejahtera. In 2005, Hilmi was elected as Chair of the Syuro Council through a closed voting mechanism. Hilmi was re-elected as Chair of the Syuro Council in 2010 in the PKS Syuro Council Grand Election. (Ant)

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