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Head of BNPT: Clerics Play an Important Role in the Unity of the Nation Through Preaching


Jakarta – Head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) Komjen Pol Boy Rafli Amar said the cleric had an important role to unite the nation through his da’wah.

“Da’wah delivered with Indonesian nuances can be used as enthusiasm by the people to better understand nationalism and religion,” Boy Rafli said when accepting the visit of KH Miftah Maulana Habiburrahman or Gus Miftah at the BNPT Office, Jakarta, Thursday.

Boy Rafli said BNPT would continue to strengthen friendship with religious and community leaders to spread peaceful messages that could strengthen this national unity.

“In the midst of the wave of intolerance that is now commonly found in the community, of course this is important to do in overcoming it,” he said.

According to Boy Rafli, BNPT needs assistance from the ulama in terms of preventing the spread of radical terrorism. During this time it found that radical groups behaved as if struggling in the name of religion.

“From the findings we have seen so far, they seem to be fighting in the name of religion, fighting in the name of religion. However, it turns out that the actions taken are like those of people who do not have religious morals,” he said.

On that occasion Gus Miftah suggested that in order to prevent the spread of radical terrorism, it was necessary to emphasize that in fact Indonesian values ​​and Pancasila were in line with religion.

Gus Miftah stated that he often broadcasts Nusantara Islam, Islam with Indonesian characteristics. According to him, when religion and culture are put in place they will keep religion away from violence.

“Then the da’wah that I do is to cultivate religion, not cultural diversity. Such an understanding if we convey in simple millennial language is more acceptable among the people, especially in the younger generation,” said the young kiai.

Gus Miftah also suggested that the younger generation who often use social media to “follow” or follow calming accounts, not accounts that are inciting and can actually destroy themselves and this nation.

“We may study with anyone. But the context today is of course with a teacher who can save us. All recitation is indeed good, but if it is then far from national norms and ethics or far from religious norms of course we don’t have to follow them. “So be selective when you have Social Media,” said Gus Miftah. (Ant)

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