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The Government Must Ensure the Level of Cyber Security Related to Personal Data in Government Agencies


Jakarta – Member of the House of Representatives Commission I PKS Sukamta faction asks the government to ensure and guarantee cyber security systems related to personal data in government agencies to be updated immediately and difficult to hack.

“Then the state must provide education about the importance of this personal data to each of its citizens, including government officials,” Sukamta said in a statement here on Friday.

He said this was related to the alleged leak of data of residents who underwent COVID-19 tests. This case allegedly started from COVID-19 test patient data which can be accessed by the public via the internet and traded.

Sukamta asserted that the incident could not be tolerated because it had been repeated many times, and it was necessary to question the steps of the state manager regarding the mandate of personal data of COVID-19 patients as well as data on the Population Registration Number (NIK).

According to him, in fact, the data may have never been hijacked, so it was declared safe when in fact the data was indeed stored in an open place so there was no need for “hackers” and “crackers” to find it.

“It’s possible that the seller of public data only wants to remind us of this negligence. Now what needs to be investigated is the state organizer or manager of the data,” he said.

The Deputy Chairman of the PKS DPR RI faction considered the steps that the state could take in the legal aspect, namely if there were criminal cases that violated the rights of personal data, then complete the case using existing legal instruments.

According to him, there are at least 32 laws governing the protection of personal data and Indonesia also has a Government Regulation on the matter.

“Meanwhile, we are also preparing another set of rules such as the Personal Data Protection Bill and the Cyber ​​Security and Security Bill. Hopefully, it will be completed quickly to be able to realize a secure digital sphere,” he said. (Ant)

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