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Legislator: Age Priority in DKI Jakarta PPDB Must Be Revoked


Jakarta – Member of Commission X of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) Ali Zamroni requested the rules on the Acceptance of New Students (PPDB) of DKI Jakarta for Academic Year 2020/2021 which prioritize in terms of the age of registrants must be revoked.

“Many regulations are not in accordance with the operational and technical guidelines of the DKI Jakarta Education Agency with Permendikbud Number 44/2019, especially regarding the zoning system and registration age. This will only cause difficulties for parents and students,” he said, through a written statement, in Jakarta, Wednesday.

Together with the Chairperson of the House of Representatives Commission X, the Gerindra Party politician conducted a sudden inspection of the DKI Jakarta PPBD process which is currently become the concern of many parties.

There is a mismatch in PPDB policy, said Ali, will reap a lot of rejection from the community, especially parents.

“This issue becomes very important to be followed up directly by the House of Representatives Commission X,” he said.

Ali also felt that the PPDB system based on age would have an effect on the effectiveness of PPDB.

“Not only parents, but also many students complained because they have to be rejected just because of age reasons. In fact, they have tried to improve their achievement,” he said.

According to Ali, such PPDB policy is ineffective so it must be revoked, and it should not be repeated later.

“So with this, I ask the Ministry of Education and Culture and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Education Office to revoke the regulation, and the special zoning registration process to be extended,” he stressed.

In the future, Ali said, the Ministry of Education and Culture must make the school registration criteria more visionary, innovative, educative, and competitive, including those that better reflect Indonesian-based education.

Previously, the age priority in the PPDB DKI Jakarta 2020 rules was protested by a number of students’ parents because children who were more outstanding had to be eliminated by older registrants.

The parents staged a protest in the City Hall of DKI Jakarta, Ministry of Education and Culture, and held an audience with the House of Representatives Commission X to complain about the policy in the PPBD. (Ant)

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