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Anggun is Ranked in the Top 100 Favorite Artists of France


Jakarta – Anggun C Sasmi is the first Indonesian-born artist and first artist from the Asian continent to be ranked “100 favorite artists of the French people”.

“I am very honored that the French public has placed me as one of their favorite artists,” Anggun said in an official broadcast on Monday.

Anggun has been recently highlighted after judging the television show “The Masked Singer France” which broke audiences record in France for more than 10 years.

At the same time, Anggun also appeared on French television in a prime time TV program that carried the fight against AIDS.

Accompanied by the legendary cabaret group Moulin Rouge, Anggun performed “Lady Marmelade” which made the French citizen amazed and gave praise on social media.

Anggun said, he felt proud to be able to display the song while surrounded by dancers from “Moulin Rouge”, the legendary cabaret that inspired a film of the same name starring Nicole Kidman.

“I am very proud of this appearance, especially because it is for a good cause, the fight against AIDS, which unfortunately affects many people, especially the younger generation.”

Anggun’s busy schedule, including concerts in Russia and a number of shows in France, shortly before the territorial restrictions made her regret not being able to come to Indonesia.

“I really want to go home,” she said. “I really miss my hometown, even though when the lockdown happened, I was accompanied by my husband and daughter, I still miss my family in Jakarta.”

Anggun promised to return to Indonesia at the end of the year if the situation and conditions begin to improve. (Ant)

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