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The Chairman of the DPD Emphasized that Pancasila was Final


Surabaya – Chairman of the Indonesian Regional Representative Council (DPD) La Nyalla Mahmud Mattalitti emphasized that the five precepts in Pancasila were final and could not be further squeezed out in the Trisila or Ekasila interpretation.

“Because all of these precepts are in line with each other from the first precepts to the fifth precepts,” he said, highlighting the social dynamics of the Pancasila Ideology Bow Bill (RUU HIP) on the Socialization of the Four Pillars of the MPR RI, in the presence of around 50 boarding caretakers pesantren throughout East Java, in Surabaya, Sunday.

According to La Nyalla, who is also a member of the MPR, Pancasila does not contradict religious teachings, including Islam, which means that it is not a threat, and that communism and capitalism are actually te real threats to Pancasila.

On that occasion, La Nyalla detailed the meaning of Pancasila, which in the first precept had the meaning of God, meaning to carry out the teachings of his religion, then the second precept meant that the people in this country had morals, morals and manners, as well as good and noble attitudes.

“With this situation, Indonesian people will unite with mutual respect for ethnic and religious differences and other differences,” he said.

In that situation, he said, then the third precepts were realized from self-awareness, not coercion or pressure.

“Then what happens after the people practice their religion and these civilized people unite. Then the wise people appear as representatives to deliberate with the aim of finding the leader of this nation. That is the meaning of the fourth precepts,” he said.

If the four precepts have been carried out, he continued, then the fifth precept will be realized which is the ultimate goal of the founders of this nation, namely social justice for all the people of Indonesia.

The former Chair of the East Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) also considered that there was a lot of rejection from all elements of the nation, especially the MUI, NU and Muhamadiyah because it boils down to the attitudes and views of Muslims that Pancasila was final and not at all contrary to Islam.

“In fact, it is in line with the values ​​contained in the Qur’an. There is no need to be given a new interpretation, let alone interpreted in Trisila and Ekasila,” he said.

Therefore, the DPD RI agreed to form a working team to examine more deeply and comprehensively the HIP Bill, then state the institutional position of whether the bill should be simplified only as a legal umbrella for the Pancasila Ideology Development Board (BPIP) or it does not need to exist.

Meanwhile, the socialization of the Four Pillars of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly was also attended by members of the Constitutional Review Commission of the Republic of Indonesia Jamal Aziz, General Chairman of the East Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry Adik Dwi Putranto, and several other figures by implementing health protocols. (Ant)

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