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President Jokowi Requests that Ministry Expenditure be Accelerated


Jakarta – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) requested that ministers speed up ministry spending to increase money supply in the community.

“I need to remind about expenditure at the ministry. I see the report is still mediocre. Immediately execute the expenditure as soon as possible, because the money supply will be more and more, public consumption will rise,” President Jokowi said, while delivering directions in a cabinet meeting plenary, at the State Palace on 18 June 2020.

The video directed by President Jokowi was just released by the Bureau of Press, Media and Information of the Presidential Secretariat on the Youtube channel of the Presidential Secretariat on Sunday.

“So please accelerate the ministry’s expenditure. Again, don’t consider this normal. Accelerate if there are obstacles, issue the minister’s regulation so that it is fast, if necessary, I will issue the Presidential Regulation,” the President also said.

The President gave an example of a budget in the health sector that had been budgeted at Rp75 trillion, but the disbursement was still below 2 percent.

“The health sector is budgeted at Rp. 75 trillion, only 1.53 percent has come out. The money circulating in the public is stuck to all of them. Please immediately issued with the use of the right targets, so as to ‘trigger’ the economy,” said the President

The President ordered immediate payment of allowances for doctors, specialists and medical personnel.

“Expenditures for equipment will soon be issued. This has already been provided with IDR 75 trillion,” the President said.

Likewise, the social assistance awaited by the community must immediately issued.

As is known, for cash bansos outside Jabodetabek targeted at 9 million people, the data collected as of May 17, 2020 is as many as 8,366,838 families. The realization of phase 1 as of June 16, 2020 was Rp4.73 trillion (87.71 percent), phase 2 as of June 16, 2020 was Rp3.96 trillion. A number of obstacles are due to the fact that there are still areas that ask for postponement of distribution of social assistance, geographical conditions and limited payment counters at PT Pos.

“In the economic field it is the same. Soon economic stimulus can enter small businesses, micro businesses. They wait for everything, don’t let them die first, then we help, it is meaningless. It is very dangerous if we feel like nothing, very dangerous,” The President emphasized.

The President also requested that the disbursement of funds for micro, small, medium enterprises, large businesses, banking, manufacturing, industry, especially those that are labor-intensive, be immediately provided.

“Give priority to them so that there are no layoffs. Don’t let the layoffs go too far, even rupiah money has not entered our economic stimulus. Only because of regulatory matters, regulatory matters. This is ‘extra ordinary.’ there is no significant ‘progress’, nothing,” said the President with a disappointed tone.

President Jokowi also claimed to have risked his political reputation to issue government regulations in lieu of law (Perppu).

“If you want to ask for another Perppu, I will make a Perppu. I risk my political reputation, but once again, please, really feel all of us, don’t let anything disturb us, “said the President.

He also requested that his ministers understand and do what he was told to do.

“I really ask the ladies and gentlemen understand to understand what I was saying. Hard work, in an atmosphere like this is very necessary. Speed ​​in such an atmosphere is very necessary. Actions outside the current standards are very necessary and management crisis, once again if a legal umbrella is still needed I will prepare it,” said the President again.

Present at the plenary session were Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, the ministers of the Indonesia Maju Cabinet and the heads of state institutions. (Ant)

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