Terawan Saw The Workings of Mayor Risma in Surabaya Public Kitchen

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Surabaya – Indonesian Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto saw first hand the work of Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini while handling COVID-19 in the public kitchen of Surabaya City Hall, East Java, Thursday.

The arrival of the Minister of Terawan Agus Putranto at the Surabaya City Hall was previously unknown by Risma and his staff because there was no information about the Minister of Health’s visit.

“I was surprised that you came. I was not informed. So, I have worked outside the office for several months,” said Risma, explaining her work so far.

Laughing, Minister Terawan said this was part of the surprise. He also watched Risma’s work in the public kitchen. Risma explained what she was doing, namely breaking the COVID-19 chain by looking at the distribution map in each village.

“So this is it, sir. We have the map and we know the distribution everywhere. So this is what we do if there are residents who are confirmed, then we block the local area,” said Risma, pointing to the distribution map on her desk.

In addition, the first female mayor in the city of Surabaya explained that health protocols in various fields are also increasingly tightened, as happened in traditional markets.

He said both traders and buyers must be disciplined. Even when making payment transactions, they are certainly not in physical contact.

“Every trader has carried out financial transactions using trays so that they do not touch each other. Then there is a curtain between traders and buyers. To be safe,” she said.

Hearing that explanation, the Minister of Health was interested in conducting an inspection in one of the markets in the City of Heroes. He wants to see discipline between traders and buyers. He whispered and invited Risma to immediately go to the market.

“Come on, then. We are going to the market now. There is no preparation, sir,” said Mayor Risma, laughing.

Risma then invited Minister Terawan to Pasar Genteng. The Minister of Health witnessed firsthand every store in Pasar Genteng already equipped with plastic curtains and trays to conduct transactions. He and Risma went around down the aisle at the market.

In addition, Minister of Health Terawan said things like this were asked by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

“This is the same as requested by the President. This is like a military operation. Amazing Mrs. Risma,” he said. The Minister of Health Terawan truly appreciated Risma’s efforts in breaking the chain of COVID-19 distribution in Surabaya.

“This is good, ma’am. Good,” he said. (Ant)

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